We take your water sport adverntures to the next level







A BanksBoard

Divers and water/wilderness adventurers coast to coast agree that BanksBoard is the one piece of equipment you can’t do without. This is an investment that will continue to enhance your diving experience year after year. It’s a versatile floating companion with multiple applications for water enthusiasts.                          


We understand your ocean requirements and provide a quality product that works. Our boards travel well and ensure that you have what you need when you need it.

Strong and Safe

Our boards can hold up to 108 lbs and only weighs 13 lbs fully outfitted. All boards come with an easy-to-install flag and it mounts in one of the front vent holes making you easily visible while in the ocean.


Need to travel with your board? No problem. The board contains a molded handle for easy towing and transportation. It also comes with detachable backpack straps that allow for easy carry when on land.


Includes two zipper mesh pockets to hold whatever you need. Tie downs offer additional security. Two molded-in gun bays with simple and secure tie downs mean your spear gun is easily accessible and ready when you need it.

Who needs a BanksBoard?

Ocean lovers - Spear fisherman, free divers, sw+ampers and kayakers all find our board to be their favorite piece of equipment - it’s been dubbed the one thing I can’t go without.



Sw+amping is a combination of swimming and camping. Wilderness enthusiasts tow the BanksBoard behind them with all of their necessary gear (securely stored) and are always ready for open ocean adventure.



Spearfishing is an ancient art - the ability to take a breath, dive down, and hunt for your meal. A BanksBoard is the perfect way to store your catch. It is securely placed in the net storage and kept away from other predators.



Freediving is a form of underwater diving that relies on holding your breath until resurfacing. A BanksBoard offers security as well as a storage plank. The handy flag lets others know divers are in the area and help to keep you safe.



Give yourself more room on your kayak by towing the Banks board; it provides needed gear storage for camping trips, and has limitless fishing applications. With an easy tow rope mount you can bring whatever you may need.